29 de junho de 2011

Queen: uma versão literal de I Want To Break Free

Abaixo uma outra versão, com a letra em seguida (o vídeo não está legendado).
I'm hoovering the house
My lady moustache
I'm hoovering the house in a dress
I have got a false chest
I flick my hair
It's really a wig
I'm blonde
I've got a basement concert
Flash flash flash fall in
You've fallen in my basement concert
And this time they're dancing with headlamp
I'm wearing less clothes
Got no
Got no clothes on my top half
This strange reddish floor stain, point
The camera's closing back
It's probably on a crane
But I have to just flex
My shoulders and my pecs
This is my white rectangle, da da
Dancing round my rectangle
Are naked people inside?
I'm back in the dress
I've got my duster flicking the chair flicking the mom putting my thumb up
It's a table
I need a bathroom visit quite soon
Still blonde
Grans reading tabloid headlines
All the family on chairs
I'm walking upstairs
The screen has just ripped
Please shave my armpits, yeah
Surround surround surround sourrounded by miners.

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